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Nature Detective Camp 2017: Surviving in the Wilderness

fomr 08/07 to 26/08/2017

New: Starting this year, the Family Hotel’s most popular nature program is included in your room rate!

Hello, dear Nature Detectives! It’s time to get up off that couch, and out into the great outdoors. You’ll want to put on some camouflage, though, at the new 2017 Nature Detective Camp. But no stress, now, you parents: we’re just talking about a bit of mud on his pants and charcoal on her face – all the better to conquer the wilderness of South Tyrol.

When you are in the wild, how can you find water that’s safe to drink? How can you recognize places that are protected from the wind? What’s the best way to camouflage yourself in order to observe timid animals? And what should you do when it gets cold and dark? In 2017, the focus of the Family Hotels is helping kids (and parents) right out of their shells: this season, the popular Nature Detective Camp is all about surviving in the wilderness!

Of course, the Family Hotels would never put your children into a dangerous situation. Rather, we teach gumshoes of all sizes how to make good use of nature. South Tyrol offers a fabulous landscape, and the Familienhotels Südtirol group of hotels has many years of experience behind it when it comes to developing unique nature programs.

The Nature Detective Camp is geared towards curious and adventurous families with children between 7 and 12 years old. Are you ready to master the wilds of nature? Because there’s nothing like escaping our orderly, well-known, familiar world of civilized everyday life and immersing yourself in South Tyrol’s free and wild natural world.

What do children learn at the Nature Detective Camp? They take a closer look at mankind’s basic needs, the fulfillment of which they may take for granted: for example, the need for water, food, protection, warmth, orientation and safety. Under the guidance of trained nature experts, the children will become resourceful nature detectives.

How do children benefit from the Nature Detective Camp? As they experiment with ancient techniques, tricks and tools, they learn how to orient themselves in the wild, and find protection and warmth. By being active, through research and having their courage tested, they strengthen their self-esteem and sense of responsibility. As they observe animals, look for shelter, build refuges, and through role play, they gain confidence in themselves and in nature.

In 2017, the little Nature Detectives will focus on learning to build a camp/bivouac/forest refuge or an eagle’s nest, as well as the art of making fire. Tying knots, braiding ropes, balancing, climbing, carving, distinguishing animal noises and perhaps even learning the ABCs of first aid: there’s so much to do at the Nature Detective Camps offered by these select hotels – in valued cooperation with South Tyrolean nature educators and naturalists.

At the Family Hotels of South Tyrol, nature becomes truly fascinating. Children treasure these very intense experiences, and are extremely proud of the skills they gain. So don’t hem and haw! For six weeks this summer, select hotels are offering the 17 Nature Detective Camp: Survival in the Wilderness.

NEW: In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Family Hotels in South Tyrol, the Nature Detective Camp is now bookable for the first time at no additional cost; it’s included in your room rate. Do you have solid shoes, rain gear and plenty of curiosity? Well, you don’t need anything else. The participating Family Hotels South Tyrol will take care of the rest, from equipment to counselors. So register now!

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These dedicated hotels, representing all three Family Hotel categories, participate in the Nature Detective program and offer camps on various dates:

  • Hotel Gutenberg & Residence Alpstein - Family Ainhauser
  • via Ifinger 14, 39017 Scena - South Tyrol - Italy
  • VAT IT00170520217